Omphacium Collection revives the ancient methods of Hippocrates for the production of Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and direct milling at room temperature which he used in medicine. The greek name “om-pha-ki-non” ‘’Omphacium’’ was given to the olive oil by Hippocrates due to the fact that it was made from unripe olives. It is a Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil rich in phenols, especially oleocanthal, the most important of all phenols, which is proven to have many health benefits.
We are grateful to share these extremely healthy extra virgin olive products with you while your body will enjoy high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which act as a stress reduction, weight management, and even boosts the immune system. This Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of low yield which makes this product rare and precious. It is a collection of a limited quantity and it comes in numbered bottles depending on each year’s harvest.