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People often talk about Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil but what is a “real” Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what is the food that we can pair it with? Perhaps the answer is difficult because most of the times we just “buy extra virgin olive oil” without particular thought given to its tastes, its characteristics or benefits. But here at Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill, we are changing that, and we think that you are as well, if you’re familiar with our collection of award-winning Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils, all produced in Ancient Olympia. Early Harvest EVOO is of a high quality product because when the olives are still green (unripe) they possess a high content on phenols and intense fruity and bitter flavors. Thus, it is very important to correctly pair this olive oil with the food of your choice. Extra virgin olive oil pairing can truly enhance a dish and make everything even more delicious and healthier at the same time.
Our collection of EVOOs is focused on Early Harvest Organic and Conventional, monovarieties and blends or Agrumato and Flavored that we produce so you can use them in every kind of kitchen. The main distinguishing characteristic you will discover is how the flavour of these EVOOS varies in intensity of bitterness, spiciness or fruitiness.The EVOOs you choose to pair should act in harmony, and not in contrast. It should not be any stronger than the food you choose. So a light extra virgin olive oil goes with a light food, a more intense strong one goes with foods with greater body.