Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill is one of the most modern oil mills in Elis / Ilia regional unit with the latest technology oil machines and all certifications for the production of organic olive oil concerning the integrated olive oil management and Olympia Protected Geographical Indication.
After many years of research and testing, in cooperation with many distinguished scientists in the field, we are the unique oil mill that is able to regulate the intensity of fruity, bitter and spicy, depending on the preferences of the customer who trust us.
Based on the experience and expertise we own, we are able to answer any question and to face any difficulty you may have, concerning the production of extra virgin olive oil and in order to get the best final result you desire.
We are equipped with all the facilities and requirements necessary to ensure the complete monitoring of the production chain and the quality of the products at all stages of the production process, under the intense care and direct responsibility of our expertise team.
The customer is a partner for us and we are eager to meet partners to share our common philosophy. Through our cooperation, with both evolve in a common goal: the production of the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.