Quality is not just a myth.

We trust in a future built on our past with passion and love for the precious liquid of olive oil, respect on the environment and ever growing research. Our team always works towards achieving the excellence and our philosophy is to highlight the unique flavors and aromatic characteristics of our region, Ancient Olympia, with our utmost respect to the environment and biodiversity, through the production and packaging of premium extra virgin olive oil.
Our team in cooperation with expert scientists in the field of olive oil try continuously to analyse each variety separately and discover varieties which are rare, yet precious.

A result of these studies, is the discovery of the variety Olympia (Nemoutiana), which although it was ready to be vanished we achieved to prove its big content in phenols and unbelievable aromas winning a number of awards in global competitions. Consequently, a lot of producers showed again a positive attitude to its cultivation resulting in its final maintenance and growth.
We are really proud not only because we managed to revive this ancient variety, but of the premium extra virgin olive oil which produces.
We are committed to continue with the same passion and devotion striking for the protection of the environment and the development of the premium Greek extra virgin olive oil.